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hem at the National Defense University of the People's Liberation Army,● where the opening was held. The military education policy in the new era, Xi s●aid, upholds the Party's absolute leadership over the military, serves the goal● of building a strong country with a strong military, and aims to train a new t●ype of military personnel who are competent, prP

ofessional and possess both inte●grity and ability. To deepen r0

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eform and innovation of military academies and sc●hools, Xi emphasized efforts to strengthen the top-level design and long-term p●lans, develop better academic disciplines, build a high-caliber teaching staff ●and improve support systems and institutions. Xi required the heads of military● academies and schooO

ls to have high political integrity, possess a good knowled●ge 5

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of education, warfare research and management while subjecting themselves to● strict self-discipline. Xi stressed more efforts to care for and support milit●ary academies and schools and prioritize their development. The opening ceremon●y was presided over by Xu Qiliang and atC

tended by other senior military officer●s including Zhang Youxiy

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